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Mr. McQueen Records
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Juliana Stein - Orange Soda EP. Released 21 March 2010 on Mr. McQueen Records. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0. Juliana Stein is the drag queen alter-ego of Jonathan Brandt, a student from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. She has been making music since 2006. With Orange Soda EP, Juliana explores ambient music and how it relates to pop. With a mix of everything between pop vocals, glitched hits, and soft celestes, Orange Soda EP is definitely a ride for your...
Topics: netlabel, mrmcq, mr. mcqueen records, juliana stein, electronic, experimental, ep, idm, ambient
Urban Sprawl Records
by The Lee of The Stone
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The Lee of Stone returns! This release is along the same lines as Anticrepuscular Rays , exploring the same hazy drones and ethereal soundscapes. However, Amygdala is definitely an evolution over Stobies previous output. It is more condensed, more tonal, and undercut with a sense of foreboding almost akin to an Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack. Lee of Stone and Urban Sprawl welcome you to bask in this shadowy world of sound.
Topic: Ambient
Community Audio
by Gerak Andrea rmxed Minimal-Art
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It is a Hungarian folk song. The Singer is Andrea Gerak, she sings Hungarian folk songs I made this remix in 2003.. I hope you enjoy it